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multidisciplinary artist 

Born in 1983 in the USSR, Leningrad. 

Based in Paris.


· 2017 — graduated with diplom from Building and Architectural University specialty in Architecture - Masterplan / (BA) Hons (5 year), Saint-Petersburg, Russia 
· 2009 — graduated with a diploma from SPbGPU - Graphic design , St. Petersburg, Russia
· 2004 — studied aSaint-Petersburg State Art School .

Group exhibitions 

· 2021 — “1.201 Space“, St. Petersburg, Russia
· 2019 — “Down Town Gallery“, Krefeld, Germany
· 2017 — “Rhine side Gallery“ , Krefeld, Germany
· 2013 — “Ice House Gallery“ , Sarasota, Florida, USA
· 2012 — “The Wall Project“ Winzavod, Moscow, Russia

· 2008 — “Marta Gallery”, St. Petersburg, Russia 

· 2005 — “Vinzavod“, Moscow, Russia

· 2022 — “UrbanMorphoGenesis” Mural festival, Moscow, Russia
· 2021 — “VukovArt”, Mural festival, Vukovar, Croactia
· 2019 —  “FreeRiga”, Mural festival, Riga,Latvia
· 2019 — “Illusion Of Riga 2” 3D festival, Riga, Latvia
· 2019 — “Berlin Art Week” Art festival, Berlin, Germany
· 2019 — “Etagi Art District” Mural festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
· 2018 — “Win Win Art” Art festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
· 2018 — “UrbanForms” Mural festival, Lodz, Poland
· 2018 — “Troisdorf Art” 3D street painting festival, Troisdorf, Germany
· 2017 — “Rhine Side” Mural festival, Krefeld, Germany
· 2016 — “Illusion Of Riga 1” 3D festival, Riga, Latvia
· 2016 — Wilhelmshaven 3D street painting festival, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
· 2016 — Sogel 3D street painting festival, Sogel, Germany
· 2015 — Wilhelmshaven 3D street painting festival, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
· 2014 — Sarasota Chalk Festival, Venice, Florida/USA
· 2014 — Den Haag 3D festival, Den Haag, Netherlands
· 2014 — Almere 3D art festival V.2, Almere, Netherlands
· 2014 — Wilhelmshaven 3D street painting festival, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
· 2013 — Sarasota Chalk Festival, Sarasota, Florida/USA
· 2013 — Almere 3D art festival V.1, Almere, Netherlands
· 2012 — Lelystad 3D festival, Lelystad, Netherlands
· 2012 — Saint-Ptetersburg Ink, 3D festival, St. Petersburg, Russia

Artist Statement

The artist’s interest is focused on the transformation of architectural forms and the environment with the help of three-dimensional objects and images, creating the illusion of additional volume. The approach to creating works is based on a thorough analysis of the environment and architectural forms that change during the artist's work. The author explores the categories of space and plane and their interaction: he transforms public spaces by imitating volume images on a two-dimensional surface, and real three-dimensional installations. A distinctive sign of the artist was the image of compositions composed of cubes. The author’s technique was called 3D cubism, emphasizing the genetic connection of the author’s searches with his passion for the avant-garde heritage.

The artist is attracted to complex surfaces: the restrictions imposed by irregular geometry and an abundance of architectural elements help the formation of a visual language and the search for new solutions. When creating his projects, Victor Splash ponders the question of whether the work should fit into the surrounding context or can play in contrast. Despite which of these approaches the author implements in the project, his commitment to site specificity remains unchanged: all created objects and murals are created specifically for the places where they are subsequently displayed.

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